What is Esperanto ?

Esperanto is an alternative language made for international communications. Because English is not my native language, I will let other people explain better than me what exactly Esperanto is.


A nice text that will answer all your questions about Esperanto. It includes examples to show you how easy Esperanto can be.


Wikipedia article about Esperanto where you will find more information and examples.


Somes pages about Esperanto, an introduction to the language, and answers to some frequent questions. If you would like to learn Esperanto, this website would be the best way to start.


If you come from Quebec, you may be interested in the Quebec Esperanto Society. This website shows its goal and that the language is mostly recognized everywhere. If you take a look at the esperanto version, you will see a large collection of names translated in Esperanto. For example, Quebec becomes Kebekio, Montreal becomes Montrealo, and Trois-Rivières becomes Tririvero.

With all that stuff, you can know what esperanto is, see how alive it is, and learn it.

If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to post.



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